Intelligent workplaces that motivate staff and save money

Many different factors contribute to your team’s motivation and productivity. Smart office automation can help in key areas such as temperature control and lighting, as technology from home automation moves into the office environment.

Fully integrated systems can offer all of the following:

  • Temperature and lighting – thermostats and sensors monitor conditions and the system responds to maintain the desired environment in multiple zones, even controlling blinds automatically. Staff concentration levels are maintained and fatigue is minimised.
  • Security – take office security to the next level with remotely controlled lights, video surveillance systems, remotely controlled smart locks and entry systems that respond only to unique IDs.
  • ‘Green’ offices that save money – intelligent systems can save energy and reduce costs by switching off systems and devices when not in use.
  • Simplified, centralised control – control your entire office with the swipe of a finger on you phone or tablet, wherever you are in the world!

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